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Register & Test

H2Compile also generates all the files required to register, test and ship your collection.

Once conversion\compilation completes look in the \HxS\Ship\ folder. Along with the compiled .HxS help file you will find...
  1. COL_*.Hx? collection level files -- These are required to register your help file.
  2. H2Reg_Cmd.ini script file - Used by H2Reg.exe to register your collection and plug into VS help (there are also other 3rd-party methods of registering help).
  3. Readme.txt -- describes how to use H2Reg to register help.

Registering using H2Reg 

We ship H2Reg.exe and H2Reg.ini with H2Compile.exe (see the install folder). You can also download H2Reg from the H2Reg Web Page

Grab both H2Reg.exe and H2Reg,ini, and copy these to the same folder as your .HxS help and COL_*.Hx? files.

To register your collection run

H2Reg.exe -r -m CmdFile="H2Reg_cmd.ini"

To unregister your collection run

H2Reg.exe -u -m CmdFile="H2Reg_cmd.ini"

I find the easiest way to run these commands is to make shortcuts to H2Reg.exe and add the required parameters using Windows Property dialog.

After registering \ unregistering check H2Reg_Log.txt for errors. Currently H2Reg_Cmd.ini tells H2Reg to try and plug-in to VS 2002\2003\2005 and 2008. Now you you won't have all these versions of Visual Studio installed so you will see some errors where it attempted this. Just ignore these errors.

More information about H2Reg can be found at

Testing using H2Viewer

If registration was successful you can open Visual Studio help and observer your help in the TOC.

Programs like h2Viewer (free) can also be used to view Help 2 collection. You can edit H2Reg_Cmd.ini text file to change namespace names etc. if required.

H2Reg.exe can be shipped with your help to register your help on the customer PC. All you need to do is modify your Installer to call H2Reg.exe -r -m CmdFile="H22Reg_cmd.ini" during installation. And use the -u flag when uninstalling.